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What is (CX) Customer Experience?

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October 31, 2018
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What is (CX)

What is (CX) Customer Experience?

It’s a cut-throat competitive business world out there. Almost all organizations are continually improving their product design and quality while achieving lower costs. So the question arises what is setting them apart now? Its Customer Experience.

Customer Experience (CX) is everything that the customer feels from first starting to know the brand through purchase, post-service and finally to either becoming a loyal customer or till changing the brand. CX aims to look at all the aspects of an organization through the eyes of the customers and tries to improve them to maximize the ‘customer experience’ leading to brand loyalty. Loyalty is what now sets different competitors apart from each other.

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Customer Journey.

Customer journey is what drives CX. It is generally assumed that a customer journey is a natural process arising due to needs and as such nothing much can be done to tailor it. However, it should be scientifically considered and optimized to improve the CX. Customer journey can be divided into four phases:

  • Consider It’s the phase where a customer moves from a causal observer to a potential buyer. Effective and targeted marketing strategies are important here. Brands that can enter a customer’s mind have an almost three times more chance of attracting Willing-to-Pay (WTP) customers.
  • It’s when potential customers compare the characteristics of different brands to make an informed purchase decision. Brands that market themselves with adequate and targeted details perform better here. It can involve sharing all the required information interestingly with your customers thru digital marketing, social media, website, commercials etc.
  • Perhaps the most known phase of the CX i.e. the actual product purchase. Organizations mostly focus on this aspect. Careful resource allocation should be done here as for physical customers the shop’s ambience and interaction will matter however for online customers’ digital environment, ease of access, feedbacks etc. would matter more.
  • Post-purchase. One of the most aspects of the customer journey starts after the actual purchase has been made. Depending on the quality of product, fulfillment of want/need, level of services provided etc. all will play a role in converting a ‘one-time’ customer into a ‘loyal, repeat and brand promoting’

Why focus on Customer Experience?

It was (and is still is) believed that having a great product would ensure sales. Though it has some truth in it but it’s not the entire truth. Organizations are now more and more focusing on customer experience to set themselves apart from competitors. Reaching the targeted population first is vital. Customers if have knowledge of your product will be interested to gather more information on it. Using digital and conventional marketing means enables to reach and inform customers better. Now the product quality comes into play and enables the final purchase.

Customer experience is a whole package. The CX strategy covers areas of effective marketing, quick and helpful customer service and improved product consistency. It aims to provide a customer with a unique experience enabling them to become not only repeat customers but organic brand ambassadors.

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