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Customer Interactions

Your Brand is the sum of all Customer Interactions

Customer Experience Journey


The phone is deemed as one of the most popular ways for your customers to contact you. It helps resolve customer issues and queries instantaneously. Antlere makes sure your phone interactions go seamless resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Social Media

Technology has become an integral of your customers’ lives. Antlere lets you harness the power of social media and equips you with the right tools that help you listen to customers across all platforms, making sure that no customer query is left unattended.

Live Chat

Many customers are encouraged by the live chat feature on a company’s website. It is a chance for them to connect with your company by asking questions directly. Provide a pleasant experience where customers can easily talk to a customer service person via live chat.


A vast majority of customers around the world use emails at least once a day making it one of the most influential sources of communication today. Enable your agents to receive and reply to customer email messages and ensure that your customers get timely responses every time.


Take Customer Interactions Beyond the Phone


Through Facebook, our platform lets you know what resonates with your followers, allows recording tickets in the form of Messages received on Messenger & comments left on posts.

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Antlere Interact helps clients engage with their customers on Instagram’s growing platform by recording Direct Messages and Comments left on pictures/videos as tickets.

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Whatsapp for business

Our Customer Support System has integration capabilities with the most popular instant messaging application. It manages messages received on your WhatsApp Business Profiles with ease.

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Ticket Management Experience

Affinity tracking

Interact lets you work smarter by assigning affinities in customer queries and comments. This lets you categorize these comments based on different topics and helps highlight and analyze the most common topic customers are talking about.

Merging & splitting

Often times, customers leave the same query on two different channels. In order to and save time, Interact allows you to merge or split tickets depending on your needs; keep communication streamlined, and reduce redundancy.

Preset macros

Interact allows you to save time by setting and sending preset replies in the form of macros. This assists in sending automatic replies to customer queries to save time by reducing customer wait time and adding to their satisfaction.

Automatic Ticket Assignment

Automatic Ticket Assignment resolves issues faster by making processes efficient; it routes customer tickets to the right agents and turns passives and detractors into promoters.

Visualize your Data

Ticket history

Store, manage and track almost all of your customers’ data from multiple data sources into one unified view to know them better and to increase the quality of your customer experiences.

Data filtering

Filter out the entire dashboard according to date brackets or channels through which the tickets are received; keep processes efficient and everything organized.

Drilled down reports

Get in depth granular analysis of customer feedback based on demographics and geographies. This allows for detailed insights on the feedback received.

Agent response rate

Review the performance of your agents to see how efficiently the customers are being responded and catered to. Track agent productivity by managing and monitoring their performances.

Interact Enhances

Users lists and roles

Interact allows you create new users, assign new roles to agents and lets you see the entire list of all users of the system along with the details of their roles and usage rights.

Specialty based ticket management

Antlere Interact allows tickets to get routed to right agent based on their area of specialization. Tracking the ticket all the way through to resolution and monitor agent performance.

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