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Analyse Deeper

Deploy Multi-dimensional Surveys to Measure Customer Experience

Measure Customer Experience

Kiosk Deployments

Gain quick and authentic responses through our KIOSK deployment at your service centres. Increase customer convenience by letting them give feedback in the form of video, audio, or by filling them out manually.


Voice Surveys

Leave conventional measuring tools behind by giving your customers the option to send you voice recorded surveys. Speed up the feedback process by getting the most natural customer emotions.


Video Surveys

Elicit open-ended feedback, and get a more diverse data sample to evaluate the most valuable customer information. Let your customers express their thoughts and feelings freely to enhance the quality of the feedback.


Social Media Measuring

Listen to the 3 billion people using social media to express themselves and find insights for your business. Gather feedback through social media platforms and get data that can spot trends for an improved CX strategy.


Text Surveys with Logics

Create Text based surveys using various question types including MCQs, Open Text, Rating Scales etc. Use our Skipping and Piping logics to make your surveys smarter and add to customer ease by gaining feedback through phones.


Web/app Based Surveys

Integrate CX Measuring into your existing websites or apps; give them ease of providing feedback on-the-go and maximize customer reach. Get ready to track every customer experience while they use your website.

Net Promoter Score

Net promoter score – NPS

Gauge customer loyalty in real time with NPS by sending 2-question survey. It is effective way to measure your company performance by understanding the distribution of your Promoters, Passives and Detractors.


Customer effort score – CES

It takes gauging customer pain points to understand where the most customer effort lies. CES asks the question of how much effort it takes for the customer to deal with the business at a scale of your choosing.


Problem incidence rate – PIR

All organizations need to understand how often problems occur in order to solve them better. The PIR allows companies to figure out the frequency of the customer complaints.


Customer satisfaction – CSAT

Gauge customer satisfaction with this easy-to-understand scale that asks a basic question on satisfaction, on a scale of 1-5. By making your customers feel valued; this survey type is a way to show your customers that you care.


Problem resolution satisfaction – PRS

Solving customer complaints is often the Key Performance Indicator of employees, and PRS allows companies to gauge the effectiveness of your problem resolution by simply asking your customers about it.


Customer perception – CP

Customer Perception scale allows companies to ask customers if they believe that the company is worth doing business with. This is often an excellent indicator of customer buying behaviour.

Powerful Insights to Help you Grow

Powerful Insights

One dashboard

Experience the true power of Antlere’s Dashboard, showcasing your complete company health in one view, customized to your needs.

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Actionable insights

Understanding Customer Experience is only part of the Equation. The real business value comes when Antlere helps you find Actionable Insights.

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Customized reporting

Slice and dice your customer feedback and data to find the perfect value in the form of Custom Performance and Management reports.

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Learn the Meaning and Emotion Behind your Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Text analytics

Use Text Analytics to decode the meaning in unstructured feedback. Antlere lets you see what topics are trending and what issues concern your customers.


Sentiment analysis

Interpret emotions behind customer feedback and determine if an expression is positive, negative or neutral, and to what degree, with Sentiment Analysis.


Tagging and key-phrases

Antlere lets you organize the gathered feedback and analyse trends at a glance with manual and automatically generated tags.

Improve your Processes by Understanding Various Business Segments


Affinity Tracking

Find out what your customers are talking about by identifying key-phrases and affinities from their feedback and grouping them together.


Services/products tracking

Track the performance and customer perception of individual products and services that you are offering.


Customer demographics

Identify customer segments and automatically group customer data to get superior control and a granular analysis of your audience.


Facility/geography tracking

Segment your feedback scores and data across geographies to gauge your holistic business direction.

Understanding Various Business Segments
Loop to Become a Leader in NPS

Alerts and notifications

Alert key players and managers when loops are generated so that no customer complaint or query goes unresolved.


Complete data of customer complaints

Antlere offers complete customer data, transaction histories and past experiences to allow you to fully understand the nature of the loop.


Loop tracking and assignment

Track the progress of your loops and assign them automatically or manually to the responsible agents.


Loop closing interface

With our easy-to-use Loop Closing Interface, your agents and managers will find closing customer loops easier than ever.

Understand your Customers’ Journeys like Never Before


Mystery shopping

Get a complete feel of your customer journey by deploying Mystery Shopping. Record Videos, Analyse Tags and Scores, and identify your customer pain.

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Journey mapping

Keep a complete track of your customer’s journey by fully understanding their experiences at every point of their journey, all within Antlere.

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Experience analysis

Gauge customer experience on all your business touch points using various survey methods and analyse the results to find opportunities for improvements.

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Employee Experience Fuels Customer Experience

Automated alerts for

Create custom alerts for management based on low performance on Loops, lesser scores in certain geographies, high complaints for a specific product and much more.


Create multiple users on dashboards simultaneously for store managers, employees, executives, many more to ensure that all employees can complete their tasks with in their own domains, without disruption.

Multiple Access

Enable data access on a need-to-know basis for your key players, and manage roles easily within Antlere Admin Panel.


Track how well your employees are handling customer complaints and improving their relationships with customers through our custom performance reports.


Gear Yourself up with the Tools for Success


Customized to your needs

Get customization according to your needs. Add or remove channels and start engaging with your customers.


Connect Every Interaction

Pickup on customer conversations from where you left them last and continue them on any channel without interruption.


Keep Everything in Check

Keep a complete track of your customer’s interactions and their history hence fully understanding their experiences with your company.


Prioritize the Best User Experience

With integrations between our systems and your customer data, Antlere Interact makes for interactions that help manage and deliver seamless experiences.

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