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Customer Satisfaction Survey

What Is (CSAT)
What Is (CSAT) Customer Satisfaction Score?
October 31, 2018
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NPS in Retail Industry
November 1, 2018
Customer Satisfaction Survey

What Is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

A business can only survive in the long run if it can satisfy (or rather exceed) its customer needs. Knowing how a product is actually performing particularly in comparison with your competitor will help an organization maintain and improve their products and services. Customer Satisfaction Surveys are tools to gather all such information. Results can be interpreted as Key Performance indicators and used to better the customer experience. Some methods include

  • Face to face interviews
  • Online survey forms (email, social media etc.)
  • Telephonic interaction
  • Free form hand written responses

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Why Customer Satisfaction Survey?

An unhappy / unsatisfied customer is really bad for business. They not only never come back for repeat purchase but they can also damage an organization by publicizing their ‘bad’ experience to their close ones. Social media platforms makes this very easy. It has to be turned around – ASAP.

Satisfaction surveys provide a platform to customers to vent out their feelings in safe-for-company method. An organization can rectify the issues and can try to pacify the situation. In the long run; it can provide an overview of how a company is performing. Increasing levels of satisfaction would mean that an organization is performing good while low scores would demand immediate actions. Survey’s provide a controlled, easy to implement and cost effective method to gather such information.

Knowing ‘how to’ of survey.

There are many methods that can be implemented like Net Promoter Score (NPS®), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES). All of these methods measure a slightly different metric and knowing what to implement is crucial. The next and most important aspect is design of the survey. An interesting, easy to answer and relevant questionnaire will result in better and more meaningful results. The basic feature of all such methods are ‘questions’ and their ‘scales’. Some types of questions that are popular in surveys are:-

  • Binary questions – simple yes/no type of questions. They are simple, easy to understand and generate quicker responses e.g. did the product meet your requirements? etc.
  • Multiple Choice Questions – answers include 2-3 options form which to choose from. They are simple and easy yet provide a better range of variables that can be analyzed.
  • Scaled questions – it includes partially open-ended questions with options in the form of a scale like from 10-10 or 1-5. The levels indicate a degree of some variable e.g. 1 can mean least satisfied while 10 can mean highly satisfied. Such questionnaires provide a wider perspective of the targeted population.
  • Open-ended questionnaires tend to provide more room to the customer to give a complete picture of their experience. They generate a more holistic and qualitative responses however they can be difficult to interpret and process.

Closing the Loop.

Customer surveys are only the first part of an improvement process. Knowing how and when to survey is important in generating results but what is done with those results is the most important thing. Gathering and analyzing data without acting on it will be meaningless. Organizations should implement Change Management and Customer Experience Management strategies to enhance their product / service design so that every customer is a happy, loyal, returning customer that acts as a willing brand ambassador.

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