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Smart Surveys for Smarter Decisions

A one-stop solution for dynamic survey creation, customizable, reporting, seamless integration across multiple touchpoints.

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From personalization to commerce to workflow management, the loop has the solution to let businesses deliver exceptional customer experiences.


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Design Smart Surveys effortlessly with our user-friendly interface, tailoring it precisely to your unique requirements. Expedite the process using our AI tool, the Antlere SmartBot™.

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Custom Surveys

Liberty of creating bespoke survey suiting your specified needs

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Smart Bot

Incorporating AI capabilities to enhance survey functionality. 

Skip Logic-01

Skip Logic

Directs participants to specific questions based

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Custom Variables

User-defined parameters that can store and manipulate data

Craft - Smart Survey


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Through diverse channels, surveys reach wide audiences. Tracked responses yield insights, while anonymity encourages open feedback. Sharing widens reach, personalized invites boost engagement, maximizing insights.

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Privacy Focused

Allowing participants to provide feedback without revealing their identity and ensuring privacy.

Response Tracking-01

Response Tracking

Monitoring and recording participant reactions, answers, or behaviors to analyze trends and gather insights. 

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Publish Across Multiple Channels

Publish seamlessly across various platforms for maximum response and visibility. 

Personalized Survey Invite-01

Personalized Survey Invites 

Address by name, emphasize relevance, and provide tailored incentives for higher engagement and responses.


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Interpret via sentiment analysis, gauging public sentiment effectively. Capture Real-time data instantaneously, offering current insights. Offering versatile export formats ensuring data's compatibility and usability.

Sentiments Analysis-01

Sentiment Analysis

Analyzing text to gauge its emotional tone as positive, negative, or neutral.

Real Time Reports-01

Real time reports

generating real-time data and insights for up-to-the-minute information.

Multiple Export Formats-01

Multiple Export formats

Multiple file format options for easier data and report exports.

Organized feedback-01

Organized Feedback 

Efficient feedback analysis empowers to make informed decisions with confidence. 



Experience the world's premier, user-friendly survey tool, completely free.

  Unlimited Number of Surveys
  15 Questions Per Survey
  24/7 Email Support


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Survey solution designed for individuals' keeping their needs at the forefront.

  Unlimited Questions
25000 Responses/User/Year
  Admin Dashboard


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Take your team's productivity to new heights with these impactful tools.

  Unlimited Surveys
 50000 Responses/User/Year
  Unlimited Questions
  Access to Question Bank
  Unified Result Display
  Sentiment & Text Analysis


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Research-grade survey software customized for corporate needs.

  Full Customization
  Account Control and Migration
  Enhanced Governance
  Security Features
  Admin Dashboard
 User Management


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Artificial Intelligence Guided

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze the emotions behind every word to gauge sentiments and get deeper insights from feedback with our "Advanced Sentiment Analysis Tool", to remain a step ahead of our competitors.

Sentiment Analysis Multiple
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Ready to make smarter decisions, start building smart surveys now!

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Antlere Smart

Benefits of Antlere Smart

Offering a wide range of compelling benefits that sets it apart. Its user-friendly interface ensures effortless navigation and utilization, enhancing the overall experience and maximizing utility, offering a seamless and efficient solution.

Intuitive UI

Antler Smart ensures a user-friendly experience with clear labels, organized menus, and easy survey creation and sending

AI Integration

Antler Smart uses AI to help you create better surveys by suggesting questions, analyzing your data, and identifying trends. 

Elevating Every Touchpoint

Whether it's a stay at your hotel, a meal at your restaurant, or interactions with your brand, Smart helps you refine every touchpoint for maximum satisfaction


Explore Our Offerings

Discover the diverse range of offerings we have in our extensive lineup, curated just for your needs. 

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Antlere Interact

A complete Omni Channel Solution

A unified multi-channel solution for personalized customer experience across all social media channels for seamless customer interaction.

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Antlere Enterprise

A unified enterprise solution

A tailored omnichannel solution designed to elevate enterprise-level customer engagement through in-depth data visualization and comprehensive analysis. 

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