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How Do You Measure Customer Experience?

The first step to improving customer experience is to measure it. And given its importance, the measurement methods should be systematic, comprehensive & efficient. This article will show you some ways you can use a journey-driven approach to measuring customer experience effectively.

Use the right metric

While there are a number of metrics (PI, CSAT, etc.) that can be used to measure the customer experience; you need to find the right fit for your company. Many companies tend to lean on a single metric to measure the entire journey, but is that the right thing to do? Not exactly.

Since a customer has different needs and experiences during the entire journey; employing a single metric at all stages of this journey is not the best idea. To know which metric is the most suitable, the first step should be discovering different touchpoints and how they impact the overall customer journey by using customer journey analytics.

Use the right feedback channel

Your goal should be to make the customer experience measurement process short and easy. And to make this happen, choosing the most preferred channel is the right way to go about it. Bear in mind that customers have limited time to spare for feedback, and being asked for feedback at every interaction can be annoying. So, you would want to ensure you reach out to them at the most critical moments on the most preferred channel.

Calculate CX Metrics depending on individual behavioural segments

Customer segments behave in different ways and have various impacts on your revenue. So, make sure that your CX measurement efforts are targeted to the most valuable customers. For example, by using customer journey analytics, a company can determine which customers have the highest number of unresolved complaints. Next, it can understand how many of these customers called customer service to cancel their service. Finally, they can calculate the key CX metrics for each behavioural segment and observe the impact of the improvement initiatives on these metrics over time.

Check CX Metrics Progress in Real-time

Monitoring the CX metrics across the customer journey can help see the progress, and highlight critical insights in real time. Results for these metrics can be shown in dashboards that can be shared between the customer experience teams.

Determine Priorities

Customer journey analytics can help you highlight the most important customer experience metric for your organization. This can tell you whether you need to add more metrics for key outcomes and it will also be helpful in determining the most crucial part of the customer journey.

Now that you know that a well-devised customer experience measurement program is crucial for companies; tell us what steps will you be implementing in the future.