Improve Customer Relationship Management


Customer Success begins with Active Listening

Make most of the power of social media by listening to what your customers have to say. Get the tools to track, monitor and notify what and where customer conversations are happening.


Take a Spin on the Traditional CRM Platforms


Smart Social Listening

Manage complete customer feedback in one place and let your customers share their queries, complaints and concerns. Get customer reports customized according to your needs.


Smart Ticket Management

Save time by managing and routing customer tickets from different channels to the right agent. Place customers at the center of everything you to to ensure seamless interactions.

Gear Yourself up with the Tools for Success


Customized to your needs

Get customization according to your needs. Add or remove channels and start engaging with your customers.


Work Together

Share tickets across departments, add notes for other team members and find the best solutions to customer queries together.


Keep Everything in Check

Keep a complete track of your customer’s interactions and their history hence fully understanding their experiences with your company.


X Data With O Data

With integrations between our systems and your customer data, Antlere Social CRM makes for interactions that help manage and deliver seamless experiences.

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