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What Are The Promoters In Terms Of (NPS) Net Promoter Score®?

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What Are The Promoters In Terms Of NPS®?

Net Promoter Score is a management tool for calculating customer loyalty towards a brand.

It was introduced in 2003 and has since then been accepted as one of the most important gauges of measuring the customer experience. It also provides a linkage between customer satisfaction and future business growth.

NPS values are between -100 and +100 with positive scores (above 0) considered to be good. It is a very simple, cost effective and easy to understand tool to implement in any type of business.

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NPS’s simplicity lies in asking only one fundamental question: “How likely are you to recommend this brand to your friends and/or colleagues?”.

The answers are then gathered on a scale of 0-10.

Promoters in terms of NPS are those customers that respond with 9-10 score.

They are important to your brand because they are loyal to you.

Being satisfied and maybe impressed beyond their expectations; they are most likely to recommend your organization to others.

This is the most effective form of marketing. It’s cheap. It organic. Its wide spread. Its powerful.

“Word of Mouth” marketing is stronger than any other form of marketing. All the customers that you will receive through ‘word of mouth’ marketing are can potentially become your loyal customers. Why? Because such customers have heard about your brand from people they already trust and therefore they have in turn started trusting you.

The ultimate goal of marketing lies in convincing the customers of your brand value. And promoters do that for you ‘for free’.

Promoters can give insight into some of the value added features of your brand that maybe you didn’t even know.

They can tell you about the ‘Wow Factors’ that exceeded their expectations.

They can tell you how and on what levels you are doing better than your competitors.

Promoters can help improve the morale of a business. Good rating and positive feedback’s are always a source of encouragement. If utilized properly such encouragements can help a business further improve themselves.

Promoters are the desired objective of NPS.

The more promoters you have the higher NPS would be and better would be your business.

Bottom line: Start working on your NPS and business practices to convert every customer into a ‘Promotor’.

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