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November 29, 2017
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December 3, 2017

Survey Software


Survey Software

Surveys are a great way to get feedback/responses from your target audience. They are quick, easy to make and understand.

Survey software’s allow you to make questionnaires, polls, quizzes and web forms to get opinions from customers. They can work with your website, can be sent in emails/messages or can be launched as pop-ups.

There are diverse ways to put up these surveys according to your needs like:

  • Getting feedback about your product or service
  • Conducting preliminary market research
  • Evaluating customer satisfaction
  • Evaluating company’s performance

It can be a little tricky to choose from all the different paid / unpaid survey software options. Let’s go through some considerations before you get involved:

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Pricing.      Pricing is of course the main concern (particularly for smaller firms). However, there are many options available that you might want for example data comparison, relational analysis, demographic analysis, pattern analysis etc. Many of these complex capabilities are provided in our AI powered Customer Experience Management Platform.

Target Audience.     After you complete your survey you can distribute it to your target audience using social media, sms, email & many other digital channels.

Product differentiation.      Your product or service is one of the important factors in choosing a survey software. Diverse company portfolios require a much detailed software that can design and distribute multiple types of survey’s. Medical and IT fields, for example, require stricter security protocols to protect the user information. Consumer products require reaching a wider user base and we have designed Antlere to specifically cater for the needs of all industries.

Data Analysis.      Survey data is gathered so as to adequately gauge the user response. Without effective data analysis it will be just a futile effort.

Built-in interfaces.      Our survey software comes with its unique variety of formats for questionnaires and forms.

And most importantly is Ease of use. Getting a great survey software with some of awesome features sounds great but it’s for nothing if it is difficult to use, implement, understand or distribute. So we have designed Antlere keeping all these things in mind.

Survey software’s are great data gathering tools. Deciding amongst them can be difficult yet it is very important so as to get maximum benefits out of them.

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