Cross-Channel Customer Interaction


Usher in the era of Omnichannel Interaction Management

Give your customers a complete, integrated customer support experience across a variety of channels.


Bridging Customer Experience Gaps with Integrated Interactions

Streamlined Conversations

Increase customer convenience by giving them the ability to start a conversation on one channel and seamlessly transition to another. Maintain the agility to easily add new channels as customer needs change. A comment that begins on Live Chat can be continued via phone call with agent without the context getting lost.

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Route Tickets Automatically

Automate your processes to ensure all interactions go seamless. Route tickets based on agent availability and make sure your customers don’t bounce from one agent to another. Streamline all customer conversations with omnichannel presence to deliver consistent experiences across all channels.

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Get the Complete Omnichannel Experience


Merging and Splitting

Often customers send in the same complaint on different channels increasing chances of redundancy. Merge or split tickets to avoid such confusion and keep communication streamlined.


Allocating affinities

Work smarter by assigning affinities to various customer queries and/or categorize them in groups according to your needs for improved ticket management.


User Tagging & Collaboration

Easily collaborate between your teams and let agents tag the most appropriate person on a ticket to help resolve a customer query in the best possible way- speed up ticket resolutions; enhance customer satisfaction.


Advanced Ticket Assignment

Allow tickets to get routed to right agent based on their area of specialization. Keep a track of the ticket; from the time it entered the system till the time it was resolved to help you keep your agents’ performance in check.

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