“How can your Healthcare Organization avoid Penalties this year?”​

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September 28, 2018
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October 31, 2018

“How can your Healthcare Organization avoid Penalties this year?”​


How can your Healthcare Organization avoid Penalties this year

2,573 hospitals across the United States will face re-admission penalties this year. The penalties will apply to Medicare Payments that CMS makes to the affected hospitals between Oct. 1, 2017 and Sep. 30, 2018. Under Hospital Re-admission Reduction Program (HRRP), CMS withholds up to 3 percent of regular reimbursements for hospitals if they have a higher than expected number of re-admissions within 30 days of patient discharge for six conditions:

  • Chronic lung disease
  • Coronary artery bypass graft surgery
  • Heart attacks
  • Heart failures
  • Hip and knee replacements
  • Pneumonia

According to Kaiser Health News Analysis of data, about 80% of the 3,241 hospitals that CMS evaluated this year will face penalties. While some experts attribute a variety of factors leading to high number of re-admissions and therefore penalties, others point out a lack of focus and commitment to sustained improvement in Patient Experience.

In the Harvard Business Review article “What has the Biggest Impact on Hospital Readmission Rates”, Claire Senot and Aravind Chandrasekran examined whether improving two different dimensions of patient experience measured using HCAPHS scores and process of care measures impact hospital re-admissions. The communication – focused dimension corresponds to the caregiver’s ability to engage in meaningful conversations with patients and the response-focused dimension corresponds to the caregiver’s ability to respond quickly to a patient’s explicit needs. They posed a million-dollar question by stating that although many hospitals are investing in technologies that allow caregivers to track and respond to patients’ calls for help, but will all the material assets substitute for a change in culture and solve the problems in delivery of care?

If you are part of the Leadership or Customer Experience Teams at a Healthcare Provider – Do you know the satisfaction levels of Patients in the above listed conditions? Do you look at the quantitative and qualitative analysis of Patient Journey, through your hospital in quest of care, across above mentioned conditions? Have you taken significant steps in the last 3 months to bring changes in your organization in terms of Patient Communication, Pain Management, Process and Procedural improvements and organized staff training based on Patient feedback? If you are unsure or feel overwhelmed in the face of these questions, then perhaps you’re not willing to solve the problem and be ready to face another penalty.

But if you are open to learn about ways that can help solve the Problem then you should keep on reading!

Well, part of the solution is careful monitoring and tracking of Patient Journeys at a Healthcare Provider, which begins with the first Patient interaction at the hospital and develops during their stay, interaction and experience at different touch points. Now, you can either wait for the annual CAHPS survey to take place before determining the direction or you can start building a Culture of Superior and uncompromising Patient Care by putting a robust Patient Experience Management Program in place. HCAHPS is a great initiative by the federal government that offers an equally great service to people of United States. However, simply relying on HCAHPS and not actively measuring, analyzing and managing your Patient Experience is more like letting the Cancer grow despite having the means to cure it.

Actively measuring Patient Experience every month, distributing results across the organization, tying it up nicely with Rewards, Recognition and Accountability matrices and creating a drive around it is going to bring a change in the mindset, approach and attitude of people at your Healthcare System. This will not only foster positive perception, trust and loyalty among patients and their families but will also demonstrate commitment of the top tier to superior Patient Care, which will certainly transpire to people at all levels across organization. It won’t take long before you start witnessing a change in the mindset giving way to essential cultural transformation at your healthcare system.

A quick analysis of data provided by Medicare shows that about 50% of hospitals in US have incurred penalties each year in last 05 years since the inception of HRRP Program. So, you can either keep losing your hard-earned money in the form of penalties or you can decide to step up, take charge of Patient Experience and set the stage for a Cultural transformation today!

There is a difference between a less driven and loosely managed Patient Experience Program AND one carved out of a strong will and determination. This difference can turn your brand into an ordinary healthcare setup that loses millions of dollars in reduced payments every year OR an” institution” with timeless legacy that serves as an inspiration for generations!

So, are you ready to uplift Patient Experience at your Healthcare System and save millions of dollars every year?

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