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How Can You Deal With Passive Customers With The Help Of NPS®?

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November 13, 2018
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November 13, 2018

How Can You Deal With Passive Customers With The Help Of NPS®?

In business, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. That’s the law of life. Right?

The main thing is coming out of it better than before.


Wouldn’t you want to know why you failed?


Why you ‘almost’ made it?

That’s what ‘Passives’ are in the NPS world. ‘Passives’ are people who are not just impressed enough with your brand. They are there! But not quite.

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These are important people. Something has to be done about them immediately before they get permanently disappointed with your brand and become detractors.

So, what should be done? Let’s go over some methods that can help you in dealing with the “Passives


In the business world, communication is everything. Contact your customers immediately when you feel something is wrong. Even if not wrong, contact them. Get to know them. Get personal. Make them feel welcome. Devise social media strategies that can help you in communicating with them. Make it easier for your customers to contact you.

This will help you in gathering useful feedback about your product.

Use that info to further improve yourself.

Convert those ‘passives’ into active brand ambassadors for your business.

Understanding your market

Its extremely important. Though the customer nowadays is extremely sophisticated and knowledgeable; they still might view competing products as the same.

It’s often the price that comes to be the biggest differentiating item.

Or maybe it’s just a cultural thing.

Or any other reason for that matter.

Get all this information before making a business decision. A product only has value if it fulfills the ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ of its users. Target to get maximum value for your product.

More the value; greater the satisfaction level.

Delight, not satisfy.

Although NPS works on the sole premise of ‘satisfying’ your customers but it is actually so much more.

It’s a competitive world. Your competition is closely following you. You have to be better. You can’t just aim to satisfy the needs of your customers.

You have to excite them.

You have to delight them.

Impress them with your product.

Make them so impressed and happy that they are internally willing to tell others about your brand. That’s positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Close the Loop.

Perhaps the most important step that you can take. Remember: “A customer feedback is nothing but words if not acted upon”

You should listen and understand what your ‘passives’ are telling you. Implement it and improve your product.

And most importantly: let them know.

This would be of immense value to your customers. They would feel appreciated. They would feel important. They would feel welcomed.

And that all that’s required of a promoter.

Passives are a difficulty to handle. You don’t know what went wrong and you don’t know what to do about it either.

It’s difficult but not impossible.

It just requires a small amount of effort to convert the passive customers into promoters.


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