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How can you deal with Detracting Customers with the help of NPS®?

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November 13, 2018
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How can you deal with Detracting Customers with the help of NPS®?

Detractors are bad for business.

Not only they are themselves going to leave your brand but also going to demotivate others to NOT be with you.

Word-of-Mouth’marketing is huge thing. If done right; there is nothing better than it but if not; then there is nothing dangerous than it. You are going to lose markets and customers you didn’t knew you could have had. A huge business loss.


All this starts with ‘detractors’ or ‘unhappy customers’

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What can you do about them? Well, let’s see:

Have a great product.

Nothing beats a good product. It is said that; marketing can help sell a bad product for some time but nothing can ‘really’ help sell a bad product”.

Have a product that’s better than your competitors in as many aspects as possible. Simply said: “increase product / brand value”

Good products seldom give a chance to anyone to complain about them.

Find out what went wrong.

It’s always difficult to listen to criticism. It’s even more difficult to listen that your product is actually just bad.

Its ok. That’s business!

Use this opportunity or situation wisely. Find out what is wrong. There’s no other way to go from ‘being down’ then ‘going up’.

Accept your mistakes.

Improve them.

Communicate with your customers.

Find out immediately what is wrong. Ask them for their suggestions and feedback. Analyze all such information realistically. Inculcate the good things. Improve your process / product.

Make good of a bad situation

Get back to your customers.

Let them know you have listened to them. Let them know again when you have implemented the remedial measures. Inform and (maybe) thank them. Such closing of loop would have a positive effect on your customers.

Even if they have been disappointed with your brand in their first interaction; this would help them change their mind. They might consider giving your brand a second chance. They might even start telling others about your great customer service. This would be an awesome long lasting way to start recovering all the lost business.

Predict the future.

Not like a wizard (obviously!) but more in terms of a business guru.

Keep a close watch on your NPS scores. Plot them over a period of time or over your portfolio or overyour market trends. Extrapolate that information to make informed tactical decisions. Take timely preemptive measures.

Studying the present scores and basing future decisions on them will help you prepare for any unavoidable situation. You will be able to prepare a safety margin. You will have time to contact potential ‘detractors’ and get their feedback. You can improve the product / service before even its delivered to them.

You can avoid a detractor even before they know they are going to be detractors.

Magic! Right?

Detractors though serious, are just part of your customer base. You can’t be flabbergasted by them. Know them. Learn from them. Use them to improve your product.

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