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The Best Customer Experience Management Platform For Your Retail Company

Measure Customer Experience | Gain Actionable Insights | Engage with Customers

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How Antlere benefits Your Retail Company

Antlere provides a variety of benefits to your Retail Company that will help you grow bigger and better
Increased Loyalty and Retention

Exceptional Customers experience builds a foundation of loyalty and improves retention

More Acquisitions

Your satisfied Customers will work as promoters of your brand

Better Engagement

Real-time interactions create an atmosphere where your Customers share their needs with companies

Increased Conversions

An existing satisfied Customers is more likely to buy than a new prospect.

Reduced Service Cost

Less guesswork about what Customers want, can add up to potential savings in costs.

Improved Crisis Management

Take full control over any Customers related issue.

Reach Out to your customers

We measure the experience of your Customers using different methodologies and by reaching out to them through multiple channels

Create Text based surveys using various question types including MCQs, Open Text, Rating Scales and many more. Also, use our Skipping and Piping logics to make your surveys smarter.


Gain better response rates by deploying Kiosks to measure Customers experience during their visits to your Retail Company.


Leave conventional measuring tools behind by giving your Customers the option to send you audio surveys.


Why stick to just text when the world is moving towards video content? Allow your Customers to record their feedback using video through Antlere.


Integrate CX Measuring into your existing websites or Apps to reach your Customers on the go.


Listen to the 3 billion people using social media to express themselves and find insights for your Retail Company.

Learn More about your customers

Antlere provides your Retail Company with Actionable Segmented Insights for you to gain a better understanding about your product


Get insights to manage the experience of your Customers


Granular analysis in terms of geography, product, service and affinity


Know about your future growth and sustainability

Employee Performance

Use Antlere to oversee your employees’ performance before, during and after the holiday season.


Learn about where you stand in the industry

Take Action for your retail company

Our Platform lets you engage with your Customers hence building loyalty and repeat purchases of your Retail Company

Closing Loops

Addressing to negative feedback allows for faster growth of your Retail Company

Convenient Conversations

Easily talk to your Customers to foster better relationships and build loyalty.

Enhanced Satisfaction

Convert damaging detractors to devoted promoters hence increasing repeat purchases and Customers referrals.

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