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Create a compelling ecosystem that entails a groundbreaking employee experience. Understand the developmental needs of your employee through well rounded feedback.

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Interested in Creating an Engaged Workforce?

Creating an Engaged Workforce

Easy and Intuitive

Ever wonder how your employees feel about working for you? Antlere Employee 365 lets you tap into a pool of invaluable employee feedback that enhance employee experiences. Discover the importance of employee feedback and engagement that puts you on the road towards stellar customer experiences.


More Feedback. Less Hassle.

Set and send surveys within minutes for faster, simpler feedback. Add or remove questions from your campaign or send surveys twice a year - everything tailored to your needs. With an array of various channels to choose from (SMS, emails, videos) send different surveys to different departments without hassle.


Happier Employees Make for Happier Customers 

A good work attitude, motivation and a warm smile; these are the qualities of an engaged workforce and also the qualities essential for making customers happy.


Deeper Employee

Probe deeper into heaps of employee data with sentiment analysis to get a well-rounded picture of your employee engagement levels.

Integrate any

Pull employee data and send out automatic feedback surveys to employees with HRIS integration without getting into the manual hassle.

Tracking Made

See feedback in real time, get a picture of the holistic employee journey, track progress by team and department and see which areas need your direct attention.

Keep Data

Adjust confidentiality levels by letting employee respond anonymously or giving selective administrative access to team leads; tailored to requirements.

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