Employee Survey Software

Employee Survey Software

The sole purpose of HRM (Human resource Management) department is to be on the lookout for employee welfare. They know that an organization is nothing without their employees. To progress and expand, more than anything, you always need a qualified, satisfied, motivated and spirited work force. ‘Mind Reading’is still a distant thing – the next best thing is asking yourself.Employee Survey Software helps you to do that!

Why Employee Survey Software?

If you’re able to gauge the thought process of your employees, you would know how to motivate and encourage them. It will help you improve the overall work place environment. Communication and trust will increase while commitment to the organization and a self-initiative culture will prosper. A software can help you coordinate and manage all your employees in real time. Such data can assist the leadership in implementing Change Management policies instantaneously. Some other benefits include:

  • Rapid and better communication / data collection
  • Increased bonding with employees and complete supply chain
  • Improved productivity by implementing employee suggestions
  • Better valued employees feel motivated and willing, leading to further improvement in productivity.
  • Change process is based on actual employee suggestion leading to lesser resistance during its implementation.
  • Employees can suggest improvements in training, environment, equipment’s and quality issues.

Choosing the best Employee Survey Software:

Type of your organization will have a major impact on which software package you chose, the package you finalize and invest in has to be in line with your end game and strategic vision. Your goal should be well defined and you should know how you would influence your employees. Consider a trade off between the following features:

  • Data analysis – a comprehensive Employee Survey Software should include all the required features like a central dashboard, sentiment ratings, employee / employer portal and data management. Data metrics should be comprehensive and easily understandable.
  • Integration capability – an ideal software is one that can be integrated with your existing IT framework. Look for an Employee Survey Software that links with any existing system and can provide a seamless experience.
  • Confidentiality – more than any other system, Employee Survey Software should have great security features. You will only get honest feedback if employee anonymity is maintained. Security features come with a price, but they are always worth it.

Typical Features of Employee Survey Software include:

  • Customizable questionnaires
  • Anonymous input options
  • Various survey templates
  • Department wise segregation
  • Metric based analysis and result generation
  • Email, SMS and free form options
  • Multi-platform compatibility

Other than customers, the most important thing in today’s business are the employees. It is extremely difficult to train and retain your workforce so that it contributes effectively and shares your organizational vision. Retaining and letting them feel motivated is also extremely important. Employee Survey Software provides the ideal environment in which you can seamlessly gather any information from your employees and improve your organization.