Employee Experience Insights


Making Employee Insights the Centerpiece of your Organization

Get beyond basic feedback tools, start uncovering robust employee insights and understand what makes for a stellar employee experience.


From Insights to Action


Put People First

Happier, engaged employees give you the insights that highlight any possible loopholes in your employee engagement system. By running eNPS surveys frequently, you get to ask two simple questions; an easy method to track staff sentiment and engagement levels.


Help your Team Move Faster

Your employees’ daily performance directly affects your customer experience. Employee Effort Score shows what processes in your organizational system affect their performances negatively or positively. Feedback determines what can be done to make their jobs easier.

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Flexible Surveys

Get the ability to run surveys at your own pace so you can make the right changes in your organization. Should you run employee surveys annually? Monthly? Or Daily? Whatever you want – everything is possible with Antlere.

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Simple Questions

The beauty of these questions remains in their ability of quick follow-up and action approach. These questions provide instant, real time feedback to the managers, giving them the power to make significant changes.

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Straightforward Results

eNPS and EES are easy to understand and give you the clarity to determine the current employee sentiment and engagement level without the requirement of running any complex algorithms.

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