Dominos vs. Pizza Hut: Who will win?

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Dominos vs. Pizza Hut: Who will win?


Dominos vs. Pizza Hut: Who will win?

Dominos has finally toppled Pizza hut to become the Pizza King. The brands made a big comeback. Domino’s philosophy has always been about convenience for their customers. It was even the first pizza company in Australia to offer home delivery all these years ago. This philosophy has worked its way through everything from creating piping hot pizzas for value prices all the way to innovative technology.

By creating mobile apps on all platforms, a responsive website, easy click ordering system and making pizza tracker available on smart watches Dominos is making it easier for their customers to order – which means they give them their time back to do the things they enjoy!

Domino’s is committed to being at the forefront of technology innovation. The way technology is evolving and the pace in which it is moving, they are always trying to come up with the next innovative idea and amazing technology to bring to the market. They are always trying to think about the next thing that could do to make our ordering quicker and easier for us and getting our pizzas out for us to enjoy.

Eight years ago, CEO Patrick Doyle launched a “Pizza Turnaround”. It changed its pizza recipe and added other foods like pasta and chicken and introduced this signature deal, “choose any 2 or more for $5.99 each”. Dominos used technology to get ahead, testing pizza delivery by drone, by self-driving car and by robot. “We used to be a pizza company that sells online and we needed to become an e-commerce company that sells pizza,” Dennis Maloney, Domino’s chief digital officer, said last recently in an interview. “That was one of the big aha moments that caused a lot of conversation within the company.” It lets customer order with a text message or through a smart speaker like google assistant or Amazon Echo

“Alexa. Ask dominos to place my order.”

Domino’s claims the title of largest pizza chain by global revenue – edging out its longtime rival Pizza Hut Not only has Domino’s managed to bring in more than 60% of its business through digital channels, it convinced a generation of pizza lovers – many of them so-called digital natives – that the company really does get them, but pizza hut isn’t far behind as well.

Its parent company just invested $130 million in delivery and digital ordering improvements. Pizza Hut has a really quick app to install on your phone or just order on the website. It’s really easy to order this way and you can pay by card. Once you have ordered it gives you an estimated time of delivery and a handy tracker so you can see which stage it is at – from preparation to out for delivery. On top of that, the chain is testing a service that allows customers to track the exact location of their pizza by tracking the delivery driver’s GPS location.

“I think what we’re going though is … the ‘Uber-ization’ of our customer experience,” Pizza Hut’s Chief Digital Officer, Baron Concors.

The pizza chain has recently doubled down making purchasing and delivering pizza easier, with Yum Brands CEO Greg Creed saying in the company’s most recent earnings call last week that the chain’s new motto is “easy beats better.”

The chain is no stranger to tech gimmicks either. Last year it introduced a sneaker with a button that orders pizza, this year’s model can do even more and a second button, that pause your TV so you won’t miss a thing when your pizza gets delivered.

Pizza Hut reports that it also hopes to test the driverless pod – officially called the e-Palette – in the United States within the next two years. They are to develop this by partnering with Toyota, an undisputed leader in human mobility with a reputation for innovation, reliability and efficiency, as we define the pizza delivery experience of the future.”

Its looking good for the pizza chains and we are enjoying this as well with steaming hot pizzas on our tables and a war between these two as our entertainment. Let’s see what comes next, but the question remains un-answered … Who will win this digital war?

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