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November 23, 2017
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November 29, 2017

Customer Satisfaction Survey Software


Customer Satisfaction Survey Software

The latest buzzword in today’s business world is ‘Customer Satisfaction’. The more satisfied and happy your customer is – the more profits you will get. The happy customer remains loyal, stays with your brand longer and most importantly promotes your brand through ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

The important thing is to stay in touch with the customer. To know what they are feeling. To know how their experience was? Did your product/service impress or delight them? Have you been able to fulfill your promises to them? All these questions comprise the Customer Satisfaction Survey. With ever increasing social media and IT devices, it becomes imperative to stay digitally available all the time. Specialized software’s can enable you to achieve these goals.

Features and Benefits.

There is a huge variety of available Customer Satisfaction Survey Software’s in the market. You have to choose the one which suits your needs and goals, which is within your budget and which compliments your products and services. Some of the features and benefits to look out for are:

  • Quicker and guaranteed response. Latest and efficient Customer Satisfaction Survey Software’s provide easy and quick questionnaire often limited to 1 or 2 questions. Customers are more willing to fill them out instead of long questionnaires. More responses mean more data to analyze and get benefitted from.
  • Customizable survey. Every organization is different with each having their own priorities and goals. Chose a system that provides customizable questionnaire generation in addition to the built-in templates.
  • Analysis and data management. The strength of all survey software is in their analysis tools. Comprehensive metric-based analysis with relevant infographic enables the senior management to understand it all and make better, informed decisions.

Customizable Customer Satisfaction Survey.      Many software’s provide a wide variety of fully customizable surveys as well as many built-in options to suit a wide range of industry types. Some of the more popular options include:

  1. Short Customer Satisfaction Survey – generally at most 4 questions covering the most important and critical parameters.
  2. Product Satisfaction Survey –Short ‘yes/no’ questions like ‘did you like the service? etc.
  3. Product Evaluation – deeper and often free form response.
  4. Motivation and Buying Experience – focuses on what motivates your customers towards your brand so you can further improve your product/service.
  5. Retail Store Evaluation Survey – multiple question surveys focusing on the retail experience of the customer.

Knowing how you are actually performing from the eyes of the customers is very vital. It helps you identify the ‘real’ problems and helps you develop effective change management strategies. The first goal, however, is to know what you want to find out? What is your goal with investing in Customer Satisfaction Survey software. Once clarified, limit yourself to short, concise and targeted questionnaires. Get relevant data. Analyze carefully and implement the required changes diligently. Brand success is tightly linked with ‘Customer Satisfaction’.

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