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November 16, 2017
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Customer Review Software


Customer Review Software

Customer is the King in today’s economy and their reviews, feedback and ratings can make or break any business. You want to be on the good side ofit –always. Customer Review software helps in contacting with your customers and managing their responses. They assist in generating meaningful analysis and strategies to improve your product and service. Customer review is everything!

Why Do You Really Need The Customer Review Software?

Today’s customer is an informed one. Everybody researches everything before making a purchase choice. Online reviews and customer feedback’s (particularly on social media platforms) are important decision influencing elements. Customer Review software enables you to keep an eye out for them. It monitors all the online presence regarding your product. It enables you to counter any negative effect as early as possible. You can connect with your unhappy customer and assure them of your cooperation to make their experience better. Customer Review software can prevent further damage to your brand and can lead to customer loyalty and positive word of mouth marketing.

Benefits of Customer Review software.

Apart from the already mentioned advantages some other benefits include:

  • Quick communication – connect with your customers faster by sending them links and e-vites for feedback forms, by responding directly from the software and by using ready-to-send template answers.
  • Real time Notifications – stay updated with notifications regarding new customers, new feedback, new rating etc.
  • Multi platform accessibility – software comes with possibility of integrating it with PC, smartphones and tablets etc making usability versatile.
  • Quantitative results – the built-in features of Customer Review software provide insightful results leading to meaningful analysis
  • Employee Incentives – customer feedback can be linked with employee performance and attached with an incentive plan to further motivate your employee. This would further lead to better organizational performance.

Software Features to look out for.

There are many Customer Review software choices out there. The price range is huge and application features are diverse. You have to analyse and choose according to your needs and requirements. Some of the features to look out for include:

  • Integration. Customer Review software are generally add-on applications that get integrated with your IT system (ERP or CRM etc.). Look for a system with easier, quicker and seamless integration compatibility features.
  • Customizable. Apart from the built-in features and modules, there has to be options for customization’s as well to tailor the software to your specific business needs.
  • Training Requirements. Like with every software; there are some training’s involved. Look for a software that requires minimal training and is based nearer to your working methodology.
  • Goal oriented. Look for the quantitative features like charts, infographics and reports etc. Analyze them. See if they are presenting the data that your organization actually needs to achieve its goals.

Positive customer feedback is linked with increase in profits (Podium reported a 6% increase in revenue from reviews). Customer Review software links all organizational activities around the customer and focuses on improving the customer life cycle journey. Happy and satisfied customer is good for business. That’s the bottom line here.

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