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November 15, 2017
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November 16, 2017

Customer Feedback Software


Customer Feedback Software

Customer feedback is the goldmine of business nowadays. It is the opinion, feedback or review provided by satisfied or unhappy customers regarding your product/service. It provides you with all the information you need. It prompts improvement and facilitates increased revenue generation. Without Customer Feedback doing business is just like walking in the dark.

Why Customer Feedback is important.

All the major companies nowadays focus a lot of their effort and resources in getting customer feedback. They approach them directly through questionnaires & surveys and engage with them at social media websites. Engaging with customers gives a brand a more personal touch, which the users like. All such efforts convert to positive ‘word of mouth’ marketing and brand benchmarking.

Some other benefits include:

  • Improvement in products and services
  • Measurable and actionable customer satisfaction
  • Contacting customers shows that you care about their opinion
  • Improved customer lifecycle experience
  • Increased customer retention
  • Reliable feedback data
  • Informed decision making

Customer Feedback Software.

Customer feedback is the crux of your business performance. Efficient systems are a necessity for todays’ organizations to stay in touch with their huge customer base and still be able to treat each customer at a personal level. Informed choices should be made regarding the implementation of such customer feedback software.

Data Analysis.

The main aim of customer feedback software is to gather and analyze the data to generate meaningful results. Customer Satisfaction scores (CSat) and Net Promoter Score (NPS®) are some of the metrics used. You should choose a software that uses the most meaningful & relevant CX tools to gain actionable insights about your customers. Use the information to effectively change your existing practices, to improve your products and services and use that to better counter your competition.

Organizational Integration.

Another important feature of Customer Feedback Software is its ability to get integrated with organization-wide IT applications like Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This helps bring ‘customer’ to the center of the organization and all departments can focus their efforts on satisfying some part of customer wants and needs. An effective software provides platforms like real-time scorecards, emails, chats, infographics, and other collaboration tools.

How To Interact With Customers.

Depending on product/service type; you will have to decide how your organization is going to interact with your customers. It must be made part of the overall organizational strategy. You can send them surveys and questionnaires, you can chat with them, you can interact with them on social media platforms or you can conduct interviews, etc. There are many ways. However, the choice of interaction will dictate the type of software you need.

Broadly speaking following are some of the choices:

  • Voice of the Customer Tools
  • Survey Tools
  • Online Review Tools
  • User Testing Tools
  • Visual Feedback Tools
  • Audio Feedback Tools
  • Community Feedback tools

Customer Feedback Software proves to be the backbone of today’s customer-driven industry. All efforts are done towards satisfying some of their wants and needs. Improvements are done by keeping the customers in mind. Everything is customer driven. Use of the appropriate customer feedback software will make the difference between you and your competitor.

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