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Achieve accelerated growth by delivering cutting-edge technologies for CX management; those that cater to customers of today.

Exceptional Customer Experience

About Antlere

Your pathway to customer experience excellence


Customer Obsessed

We follow the ‘customers first’ motto; ensuring that the voice of the customer is heard and acted on to maximize customer satisfaction.

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Customer experience is constant evolution. We are focused on bringing innovative ways to bring value to customers that sets you apart from the rest.

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We are company based on transparency, perseverance and mutual trust. We keep our promises and deliver what we claim to do.

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How we got here

When a multi-national telecom client declared their interested in deploying NPS to gauge customer sentiment, it was then that we decided to assist organizations in delighting customers and turning them into brand fanatics; hence, forming Antlere.

As a registered vendor of Bain & Co, Antlere is a certified solution for the Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter Systems, and has now expanded it's reach to all forms of Customer Experience Management Metrics.

Forming Antlere
Antlere Vision

The vision of our company

Our business model revolves around the “Golden Rule” which is to treat others as one would want to be treated themselves. We believe in removing the gap between what customers want and what they get, and our vision is to nurture a sense of responsibility within organizations to value customer feedback at the very heart of their business operations.

While all of this may be just words to some, for us it is a promise, which makes Antlere your prime partner of choice for measuring customer sentiment, analyzing actionable data and engaging with customers to excel at today's CX battleground.

The story behind our name

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